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Quarterly content sprints from a full-stack editorial team dedicated to building tech audiences and powering your SaaS app's search performance. Everything sorted—from ideation to publication.

You have more important things to do than to suggest blog post topics and review drafts.

Growing your software startup from an idea into a growing ecosystem is hard enough. Building a consistent blog alongside, with all the work that entails—researching, writing, editing, publishing, and updating—requires a whole new set of skills. Our full-stack editorial team has the experience to grow your content, while you focus on your business.Our writing team is ready to create your software's tutorials, documentation, how-to guides, reviews, thought leadership pieces, software history deep-dives, eBooks, drip onboarding workflows, and more—complete with a research and editorial team to ensure they're ready to publish and perform.

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Email workflows

Your customer journey starts with content. Potential customers Google something and your blog post answers their needs. Now you need to stay in touch. Onboarding emails welcome new subscribers, help them understand how your product fits their needs, guide them to signup and upgrade their plan, and turn them into your brand’s biggest fan.

Longform Articles

There’s no single best type of content to publish. Focused explainers and tutorials can solve issues for existing customers and convert new visitors to customers—but explainers get fewer readers. Thought leadership content tells a story, brands your company, and attracts a wider audience—but they also rarely convert directly to buyers. You need a varied and balanced approach to guide readers through your marketing funnel.

Directory Content

Build customer loyalty and grow your partner network with thorough documentation of the integrations, add-ons, and workflows that complement your software. Well-written content directories could grow into your most valuable customer acquisition channel—and we have the experience to build yours from the ground up.

Pith & Pip founders:

  • Meticulously vet every writer

  • QC check every post

  • Monitor every article’s performance

Over the past 12 years, we’ve built SaaS blogs and directories that attracted millions of readers. With every new project, we’ve found that scaling up content production quickly is the hardest challenge, so we created an editorial team and set of workflows to stay on schedule. It streamlined our publishing process and it’ll do the same for your team.

You’re a good fit if you…You’re a bad fit if you…
…have clear goals for your content
.…understand your target audience’s needs
…take a long-term approach to building traffic
…are comfortable investing $1,500+ per month
…want to publish only occasionally
…haven’t defined your target audience
…expect organic traffic to increase overnight
…require immediate responses from writers

What it’s like to get started with Pith & Pip:

  1. Share your content goals

  2. Approve a 3-month content sprint

  3. Get back to building your product, while we build out your content

We'd love to chat about your content goals for 2023—and work with you later this year.

Not ready to jump in? Let us share some ideas to jumpstart your team’s content production. We’ll:

  • Run a SEO analysis of your top posts

  • Share 4 blog post ideas based on our findings

  • Outline 1 content brief for a drip email campaign

Content Consulting & Production

Pith & Pip

Our work

A few standout examples from the hundreds of articles we've published while amassing a decade of experience writing for renowned software companies.


Reproof Notes App

Notes apps are where ideas go to die. And that's good.

Thought leadership piece published in 2022 that was featured by Bloomberg, The Guardian, Morning Brew, and Hacker News.

How to help your developers manually test accessibility with screen readers.

Interviews with respected industry experts are essential to building credibility in any niche. In this accessibility-focused piece, we employed quotes from big-name leaders to provide actionable advice for readers in Assitiv Labs' target audience.

Assitiv Labs

Assistiv Labs Article


Zapier Google Forms

The ultimate guide to Google Forms.

Standalone blog posts aren't enough. Some of the best-performing content we've produced includes longform guides, roundups, tutorials, and more that were converted into eBooks and lead magnets that paid dividends for years, as Zapier's learning guides did.

The Best Tools to Collaborate From Anywhere

After having worked on remote teams and managed remote writers from around the globe, our team knows what it takes to stay productive and keep teams working together from anywhere. blog post


Supermetrics Google Sheets

How to build a bot with Supermetrics and Google Sheets

Tutorials might be read by fewer people than thought leadership posts—but the people who read tutorials are more likely to buy your product and become engaged users over time, as your content solved a problem and become more productive.

How To Offer More Personal Customer Support Through Effective Automation

Sometimes the best content to promote your product won't live on your blog. It might be best published on another blog, or somewhere else your potential customers visit regularly. That's the value of articles like this Smashing Magazine x Zapier article that helped both sites achieve their content goals.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine automation

The Next Web

The Next Web Positional Software

How Today's Best Business Software Goes Viral

Thought leadership posts are a great fit for magazines and blogs with regular readership. With a healthy dose of research and storytelling, you can create trends and establish new industry terms, as this article did by building a narrative around "positional software."

Computer Assisted Intuition: How Roam Research fulfills the web's original dream

History makes the best stories. When you can tell a story around how a new software concept came to be, right when it's becoming popular, you can build an early adopter audience as this article did for the Capiche community. It spawned discussions around notes apps, outlining, and wiki-style zettelkasten right as they were trending as breakout ideas in popular new software.

Capiche • Vendr

Capiche Roam Research


Assistiv History of Sticky Keys

The History of Sticky Keys

Speaking of history, in a recent Pith & Pip sprint for Assisstiv, we dug into the history of Sticky Keys—one of the first accessibility features built into Macs and PCs—in a story that spanned decades, with never-before-published details from the professors and researchers who were part of making software history happen.

You're next. What content could Pith & Pip write for your software?